• USD 306 Board of Education
    · Students are our focus.
    · Effective and ongoing communication with staff, students, parents, and patrons is essential.
    · A strong partnership with our Superintendent is vital.
    · Our strategic Plan provides focus and guidance as we make decisions impacting the students of SES. 
    · It is our responsibility to produce life-long learners who can be productive members of society after they leave our district.
    As a result of these beliefs, we have set forth the following goals:
    1. Continue to develop curriculum based on positive student outcomes. 
    2. Develop plans so as to be ready to replace retiring District personnel in order to maintain the Southeast of Saline excellence in instruction.
    3. Develop facility plans that will maintain and improve our facility and which are conducive to the 21st century learner.
    4. Continue to work on improving communications with and among the Board of Education, our Parents, Patrons and Staff.