Mrs. Diane Reece

Phone: 785-536-4286 ext. 300


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Art History

B.A. General Communications w/ emphasis in Public Relations

Mrs. Diane Reece

I love libraries!
In fact, working in a library paid my way through school (Fort Hays State University). I finished there with two degrees, then got married (Howard) and had a family. I stayed home raising our 4 children and volunteering at SES when possible. 
I worked as a Para-educator for SES before becoming the library aide.
As a library aide, I lead the Kindergarten library classes and help with library duties.
The best part of my job? Watching the elementary students become junior high students and then senior high students. What a great student body we have at SES--from Kindergarten all the way to the Seniors!