• “Excellence in Education…Preparing Future Leaders”
    The Southeast of Saline School District has a proud history of student success. The “one campus” district design allows the district to offer a variety of student programs while creating one of the most efficient school systems in the state. The students of SES are consistently recognized at the local, state, and national level for educational excellence. This excellence has become a trademark of the district and is the direct result of the dedicated and hardworking students, staff members, parents and patrons working together.
    As we look to the future, we are dedicated to continuing this excellence. In order to do so, we must continue to create a system that focuses on the ever changing needs of every student.
    We Believe:
    • Today’s students are tomorrow’s future.
    • Schools should be designed to meet the needs of all students.
    • To maximize student learning, a positive relationship between the school, parents, and community is paramount.
    • Quality education programs must extend from early childhood through high school graduation.
    • Our educational system must be able to adapt to an always changing world.
    • A commitment to continuous high quality staff development aligned with the district’s curricular goals will directly impact student learning opportunities.