• Welcome to the Elementary Library 

    Welcome to the Southeast of Saline Elementary Library! 
    Mr. Lynn, librarian, and Mrs. Reece, library aide, invite you to explore all the library has to offer your elementary student. 

    Our library is a bustling place with computer access for classrooms and students as well as traditional library materials. Some of the programs that happen specifically during library time are:
    • Learning how the library works
    • Reports on Kansans
    • Story time—for all classes!
    Checking out new books  

    Basic information about the library:

    • Students have library time with their class once a week and have a limit of 2 books.
    • SES Card Catalog, located under the Students tab, includes books from the elementary and secondary libraries.

    Parents can access their child’s library account from the card catalog. At the bottom of the Search page, click on the yellow button labeled User Status. In the Barcode window enter your student’s library number. Then fill in the following windows and click OK. Your child’s library number is given to him on his first day in the library and remains the same throughout his stay at SES.

    • Most of the books in the library have a Reading Level. This is to help your child find a book to enjoy at the appropriate reading level. The Reading Level label is at the top of the spine of the book. The first number is the grade level and the number after the decimal point is the time period within that year of school. Therefore, a book with the Reading Level 4.5 would be appropriate reading for approximately half-way through the Fourth Grade year of school for an average reader. Your child’s teacher can help you determine your child’s reading level (a good question for Parent-Teacher conferences!).
    • Overdue notices are sent to homeroom teachers once a week. 
    • We do not charge fines for overdue materials, but we do ask that compensation be made for lost or damaged books. Please visit with us concerning damaged books. Replacements rarely fit the qualifications for the heavy use a library book receives, and we may be able to repair the damage ourselves.
    • Donations are accepted with the understanding that our librarian has the final decision as to whether the donation is appropriate for our library.
    Be sure to check out the many links we have listed on our site.
    We welcome questions and comments! Contact us by email.
    Mr. K. Lynn
    Mrs. D. Reece