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Welcome to Southeast of Saline


    What Makes a Good School Year?


    2018-19 is STARTING!!!  Southeast is excited to welcome you back to a new school year.  So what can you do to make it the best year ever?  PARTICIPATE!   It really is that simple, get involved.  Southeast Jr./Sr. High has many ways in which you can participate but at all levels it is possible to group up with classmates and make your own connections to Southeast.  Our staff will work hard to make sure you feel welcome here because it is important for students to have that sense of belonging in order to be successful.  Be friendly to make friends.  Be present to feel connected.  Participate to grow closer to your school and your community.  Coming to a game is an event, cheering does as much for the spectator as it does to motivate the player.  Check the school calendar, come join us as we work towards the best year Southeast has ever had.  WELCOME BACK and GO TROJANS!